How Bellinity Works

I'm Chelsea Penner, the founder of Bellinity.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your interest in Bellinity.
Here on Bellinity you can interact ONE on ONE with your favorite celebrities, influencers, and experts on a live broadcast. You can also interact with the influencers via messaging, plus Bellinity is also a search engine for businesses or casting agents to find influencers easily. Influencers are professional athletes, internet stars, models, professional chefs, top bloggers, politicians, actors, famous beauty experts... any successful person in any industry that has knowledge or talent that you would like to gain access to.

Here's how it works
Click on "sign up"
on "Create Account" page, highlight the "member" box if you are wishing to connect with your favorite influencer or highlight "influencer" if you are an influencer and ready to verify yourself.
Fill out basic info (name, Ect.) create a password, read terms and conditions, click that you agree to them, then click "create account" and you will be taken to a blank profile if you are a member where you upload your profile photo, write wonderful stuff about yourself, upload credits to your account so you are able to message your favorite influencer and bid on events put on by influencers.
If you are an influencer, you should receive an email as soon as the basic information was filled out by you. Check your email and your junk filter. The email instructs you on how to verify your identity with a quick video. Once you are verified, you may fill out your profile, upload images, upload your music, videos, whatever you are proud of in your media gallery and create events. Events are the one on one video with your fans which you can mentor, hang out with, teach specific skills or talents, and whatever else you think your fans would love to hear from you about. Titles such as "How to break into the industry" "How to gain more followers" "Fight Techniques" "bake cookies with me" "guitar lesson" "Behind the Scenes", whatever your heart desires, have fun with it! You can set the minimum amount, the time, length then publish on all your social media for your followers to see and let the money roll in!
My intention is to inspire mentorship and a sense of community in otherwise competitive industries. Have a blast and let us know how you like it please, thanks again!

Warmest wishes,
Chelsea Penner
CEO & Founder Bellinity, Inc.