Help & FAQ

Q: What is Bellinity?

A: Bellinity is an all in one influencer website that connects fans/admirers/advice seekers to incluencers, financially empowers infuencers, as well as a digital agency creating market disruption in the agency market. Bellinity has built in over 10 ways of generating revenue besides ad sales. Its primary purpose is to connect aspiring talent or advice seekers with seasoned professionals who can offer them mentorship and guidance, and to enable fans, advice seekers, and admirers to interact with celebrities in real time through features such as messaging and video chat events that the top bidder wins. One on one, as opposed to other sites with group live streaming. Influencers are found in politics, professional sports, fashion, entertainment, music industry, famous entrepreneurs, coaches with a large following, gurus/spiritual leaders, religious leaders, celebrity chefs, reality stars, and internet celebrities. We are not accepting porn stars and Bellinity will have no part in the adult entertainment industry.

Q: How can I use Bellinity?

A: Bellinity.com will offer a number of compelling features for its target audience, all of which will generate a profit for the professionals who use the site.

Messaging: Customers will be charged for messages that are sent to influencers of their choice. The messaging service will charge a fee based on the influencer's opinion of what should be charged. This will only be used for email type messages. Bellinity does not set the messaging rates and will not be held responsible for how the messages are being answered.

Video chat: Customers will be charged a the final winning bid amount for an "event" (for example, a makeup lesson or singing lesson). Professionals will have a calendar on their profile stating their available activities and customers will then be able to bid to take part in an activity of their choice. Suggested starting bids are $100 per  30 minutes. We estimate that bids will reach from $100 - $5,000 per session depending on the professional's status. Users will be able to outbid the starting bidder for up to 3 hours before the activity begins.

Talent Search: With comprehensive profiles of numerous professionals in all influential industries, Bellinity.com will have access to a wide array of talent. For a fee, the company will be able to provide a talent search service, connecting our registered professionals with the casting directors or agencies that are looking for them. As this is not our primary source of revenue, we will be able to provide this service at a significantly lower cost than most talent agencies. More importantly, huge media companies will take advantage of 'one-stop-shopping' for talent and lower agency rates by having access to a huge pool of talent.

1.      Q: How do I change my password?

      AYou can manage your account through the Profile/Settings link.

      Q: How do I retrieve a lost password?

      AYou can submit a request via the link in the login portion of the site.

      Q: My email address has changed; how do I update my account?

      AYou can manage your account through the Profile/Settings link.

      Q: How do I resolve a disabled account?

      AYou can discuss your disabled account with Bellinity by contacting us via email or phone.

      Q: How do I report an issue?

      AYou can report an issue using the ‘Report Issue’ link.

      Q: I want a refund for an event; what can I do?

      A Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund no matter the circumstances.

      Q: I accidentally bid on an event but want to cancel it; what can I do?

      A Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a bid for an event. Hope someone outbids you for the event!

      Q: Can I purchase Bellinity gift certificates or gift cards?


      Q: How can I write a review of an event?

      AYou may submit a review of an event in the provided feedback area.

      Q: How do I report a violation?

      AYou can report a violation using the ‘Report Issue’ link.

      Q: Can I use Bellinity to advertise myself and/or my business or any other business?

      AAdvertising may be permitted, at the sole discretion of Bellinity, and you must obtain approval in writing before advertising or you will be banned from the sites.

      Q: What happens if I miss an event?

      AUnfortunately, if you miss an event, the event is lost.  And so are the funds paid for the event if you were the highest bidder.

      Q: How are the events priced?

      AInfluencers/celebrities set the pricing for events, not Bellinity.

      Q: Can an influencer/celebrity end an event prematurely?

      AYes, an influencer/celebrity can end an event prematurely including, but not limited to violations of the terms and conditions, the high bidder acting/speaking in a vulgar way, intimidating or bullying, etc.