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Chelsea Penner

Founder Nonpereil, Inc (DBA Bellinity.com), Professional Model & Actress, Dating Coach

Chelsea Penner is the founder of Bellinity, Inc., a digital agency and online community that connects fans, admirers and advice seekers with influencers in a variety of industries from entertainment to politics to entrepreneurship.
Bellinity was formed when Chelsea became frustrated with numerous negative experiences in the acting world. She tired of being sexually harassed at casting calls, and not knowing which casting agents to avoid. There was a substantial lack of camaraderie among fellow aspiring actors, which meant Chelsea could find no one to advise and mentor her.
Never one to be deterred by external circumstances, Chelsea actually saw opportunity in the situation. She knew there were many, many other people going through the same experiences she had endured.
In fact, she received so many requests on social media for advice and support that she couldn't respond to everyone. And a light bulb went off in her mind - the first seeds for Bellinity were planted. In her heart, she wanted to help others by offering a better alternative to navigating the treacherous waters of Hollywood on their own.
Thus began Bellinity. It began as an online community where seasoned veterans of the entertainment industry could lend one on one mentorship and individual access to aspiring actors, musicians, directors, models and the like.
However it didn't take long for Chelsea to see the potential in the structure of Bellinity; she realized it would work equally well for other businesses so she opened it up all industries.
Today as the founder and creator of Bellinity, Chelsea is proud of the support and individual connection it continues to create between influencers and their advice seekers, and the diverse professions represented including music, politics, entrepreneurship and business, fashion and acting, and more.

Additional accomplishments include:

  •  Founded Bellinity in 2012
  •  Started CC Health Coach in 2006, grew it to a successful studio offering wellness/dietary    consultations, life coaching, and personal training
  •  Store manager by age 20 and took said store from #1,300 in company to #23 in one year
  •  Youngest employee ever hired by fpbiomed
  •  Also broke numerous company pacesetter awards and other company records while at fpbiomed
  •  Recipient of The 100 Club Award at large multi-national optical store
  •  Began modeling in 2005, acting soon after in 2006
  •  Modeled for and worked with clients such as Maxim, Nike, Adidas, and NAU
  • BS in Communication, emphasis in media, marketing, and psychology

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Jason Kremer


Proven execution and strategic leader who translates business strategies into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers and employees. An expert in enhancing profitability, developing strategic software initiatives and growing revenues. Extremely knowledgeable of gaming regulations and a proven track record of implementing the necessary controls to ensure compliance. Accomplished, ambitious and results-oriented development and operations management professional with demonstrated success in technology solutions, resource management, capacity modeling, and business intelligence. Successful in developing and leading teams, managing complex projects, employee relations, motivating and influencing others, process improvement and increased business efficiency.

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Sanjeev Kuwadekar


Sanjeev Kuwadekar is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with software engineering background Sanjeev is the CTO of GrowBiz Services, a software consulting organization based in California. Prior to GrowBiz, Sanjeev was the CTO at MediaShift where he guided the current and future technical architecture for next generation online advertising platform. Prior to Mediashift, Sanjeev founded HeyAnita Inc, a leading speech recognition product company in the wireless field. Sanjeev served as CEO of the company for over 6 years. In that role, he expanded the company’s operations in Europe and Asia, turned the company profitable in less than 2 years, formed strategic partnerships with Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Vodafone, Mitsubishi and Hewlett Packard, and negotiated the successful sale of the company. Sanjeev received the Software Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Software Council of Southern California in 2002 for his outstanding contribution to the field of wireless communications software (http://www.tcosc.org/site/c.jeJNIROxErH/b.3669763/k.A637/Award_Recipients.htm). Prior to HeyAnita, Sanjeev served in various executive roles at Microsoft for over 9 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with specialization in artificial intelligence and natural language processing systems from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay).

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Rick Kamble


Mr. Rick Kamble, the CTO/CIO, has extensive experience in Healthcare IT solutions and software development. He is the co-founder of MEDICCIO and CEO/President of HealthNspire solutions, a HealthCare IT consulting company focused on software solutions and analytics for Managed Care. Rick previously held leadership positions at Lakeside Medical Group, Jacobs Engineering, Farmers Insurance, L.A. CARE Health Plan, Cardinal Health, and Datamatics. Rick’s creativity extends past technology and into the performing arts. Rick enjoys acting and has been in several culturally focused plays and films. He is a prominent member of the community working to promote cultural engagement for all.