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Are you an influencer, celebrity, pro, or expert? On Bellinity.com get paid for your industry tips, mentorship, advice, fan mail, and live video streaming "events". All on a safe and secure industry-first platform.

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Have you ever wondered how to have a real and genuine conversation with your favorite celebrity in the Entertainment, Music, and Fashion industries? Bellinity.com is the source for bonding with your favorite public figure.

Host Video Events

Create an event for your fans that allows you to share your talents, knowledge, or time! You create an event, your fans bid to win. It's a new and exciting way to engage with your favorite fans.

Bid on Video Events

Now you can finally connect with your favorite professionals or celebrities in a way never before possible. Bid to win one-on-one live video events in the categories that interest you.

Manage Fan Connections in on central location

Have fans connect with you on your terms. Track incoming messages, send out video hosting events, and increase engagement. All while making money to assure your time is well spent.

Create Free Public and Personal Profile

Use Bellinity.com to create a gorgeous public profile to drive engagement with your fans, on your terms! This isn't about just Liking your page, but fans that are willing to pay to get industry advice and tips, or just have a conversation.

Personal Photos on Your Terms

We know you are tired of your personal photos showing up in the news or syndications. Now you can finally market your personal photos to the news sources directly, cutting out the paparazzi, protecting your privacy, and making money.

Message and Connect with your Favorite Celebrities

Send a message to your favorites professional or celebrity and guarantee a response! You pay to send a message and the celebrity agrees to respond to your message. If they don't respond, you don't pay! Finally get the answers or conversations you have been waiting for.

Land Gigs

Bellinity.com is another source for you to land gigs by media conglomerates taking advantage of 'one stop shopping talent'. Don't wait for your agent to find you gigs, create your own!